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MT – GUN RIGHTS – Former Gun Company VP Opposes Constitutional Carry in Montana

Ryan Busse says he helped build an iconic firearms company. Busse was the Vice President of Sales for Kimber America for 25 years until 2020 and he uses those bona fides to bolster his argument opposing a bill currently under consideration in the Montana legislature that would make it the seventeenth constitutional carry state in the nation. The Missoulian published a column by Busse yesterday in which he states his case against un-permitted concealed carry in Big Sky Country. After the requisite paragraphs establishing his gun-owning credentials, Busse wrote this: Montana boasts of a wonderful common sense and deep down all of us know that protecting our rights also means avoiding extremist policies that only increase the likelihood of bloodshed. Montana House Bill 102 will not make us safer. It is not a pro-gun bill. It is an anti-responsibility bill. Busse seems to be blissfully unaware that constitutional carry hasn’t made the kind of “gun tragedies” he says he fears any more likely in the sixteen states that currently have constitutional carry in place. Like so many Montanans, I grew up with a rifle in one hand and a shotgun in the other. I converted my love of shooting into a 25-year career in the firearms industry. I helped build an iconic international gun company. I sold millions of guns. I’ve won awards, even been a finalist for the “Firearms Industry Person of the Year,” which is the industry’s highest honor. It’s an award that has also been bestowed on firearms royalty like Charlton Heston and Bill Ruger. Mr. Busse certainly has better firearm-owning credentials than dedicated gun rights opponents like, say, John Kerry and Joe Biden. He also cites an incident in which his son was supposedly attacked recently by “Second Amendment patriots.”  [full article]


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