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MT – HUNTING – Trophy hunting not solution for managing grizzlies

It’s fall, and that means hunting season in Montana. It’s also the time when, unfortunately, we see grizzly bear conflicts rise in “surprise encounters” with hunters. These preventable conflicts can result in injury or death to both hunters and bears. Hunting-related conflicts are one of the largest sources of grizzly bear mortality every year, especially in the Yellowstone region. Some argue for even more grizzly bear mortality — through an intentional grizzly bear trophy hunt, as a misguided method to prevent all types of conflicts between people and grizzlies, and livestock. For now, grizzly bears remain protected under the Endangered Species Act and can’t be hunted. But if those protections are removed down the road and the state assumes full management authority, a grizzly bear trophy hunt could be authorized. Right now, Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks (FWP) is drafting a statewide grizzly bear management plan and considering whether to allow a trophy hunt in the future. The plan under development will also guide many other aspects of day-to-day grizzly bear management.  [full article]

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