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Mtn. Lion/Cougar Encounters VIDEOS

Cougar running loose in Victoria tranquilized, 1:38 min.

A cougar chase through the streets of Victoria came to an end Monday as wildlife officers tranquilized the big cat. Conservation Officer Peter Pauwels says the cougar is expected to be released into the wilderness soon.

Why We Hunt Cougars Explained, 1:44 min.

TV personality Steve Ecklund is under heavy fire for hunting a cougar in northern Alberta and for sharing a photo online of himself posing with its carcass.

Growling cougars spark concern in Nanaimo neighborhood, 1:51 min.

The cats can be overheard growling has sparked concern around, but Conservation Officers say it’s not uncommon.

Cougar on the loose with plentiful food supply 2:02 min.

Dozens of livestock killed in recent weeks by a cougar.

Calling in a Mountain Lion, 3:46 mini.

A hard charging mountain lion comes running into to the call & decoy.

British Columbia Mountain Lion Hunt with Kristy Titus, 3:22 min.

Why I hunt the hunters- In the remote mountains of beautiful British Columbia where Kristy Titus pursues a mountain lion. Science based predator management is vital for healthy populations of all ungulates.

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