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NAT’L – COURTS – The Supreme Court could take on these 2 major gun lawsuits. Here’s what to watch

The U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to decide one gun-related case in its new term beginning in October, but two pending gun cases could have far wider impact on the current debate if the justices add them to their docket. The case in which the justices already agreed to hear arguments and decide is New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. City of New York. The gun association challenged the city’s rules that barred licensed gun owners from transporting their guns to shooting ranges and second homes outside New York City. But this case could wash out even before the justices hear arguments because the city has changed its rules to allow owners to transport their guns to wherever they are legally allowed to have them. The city now claims the case is moot. The gun association, which wants the justices to go forward, claims the city’s original rules violate the Second Amendment, which protects an individual right to possess a firearm; the Constitution’s commerce clause, because it prevents commerce outside the city’s limits; and the right to travel. A federal appellate court decided in favor of the city, concluding that the city’s rules did not violate the association’s Second Amendment rights because it left open “adequate alternative” means to have a handgun for self-defense in a second home, and allowed access to “ample facilities” for training “within reasonable commuting distance” of a licensee’s home.  [full article]

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