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NAT’L – GUN CONTROL – Bloomberg’s Anti-gun Hypocrisy and Ignorance Abounded as His Campaign Floundered

Billionaire Mike Bloomberg may have dropped out of the presidential race, but it wasn’t before he took himself and the Fox News viewing audience on a wild spin aboard the Malarkey Express. Appearing at a March 2 Fox News town hall meeting in Manassas, Virginia, Bloomberg took questions from the voters in the audience. The questions included one from Clarke Chitty of Bristow, Virginia, who asked the candidate: “How do you justify pushing for more gun control when you have an armed security detail that is likely equipped with the same firearms and magazines you seek to ban the common citizen from owning? Does your life matter more than mine or my family’s or these people’s?” Bloomberg’s answer was, essentially, “Yes, it does; I am a VIP and my personal safety is also especially important.” His actual words were: I probably get 40 or 50 threats every week, okay, and some of them are real. That just happens when you’re the mayor of New York City or you’re very wealthy and, and if you’re campaigning for president of the United States. You get lots of threats. I have a security detail, I pay for it all myself, and um, they’re all retired police officers who are very well trained in firearms. (at 13:11 of the part 2 video, here.) The implication was that those of us who are neither very wealthy nor a political celebrity can’t possibly justify the risk that firearms supposedly pose to the public merely to protect our pathetic, meaningless lives. You have to be important for that and to be able to pay competent people to handle it for you. [full article]

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