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NAT’L – GUN CONTROL – Lockdown Blamed In Part For Philadelphia Rise In Gun Violence

The pandemic lockdown is being cited as one of the causes of a spike in gun violence in Philadelphia. This came as part of a new study published last week by Temple University, which showed an increase in gun violence rates after pandemic lockdown measures were put in place in March. Empiric evidence of what trauma surgeons around the country already know: increased firearm violence following enactment of COVID-19 containment policies. Trauma surgeons in the city said they were looking for an explanation for the increase in gun violence patients, which prompted the study. Researchers said the spread of COVID-19 compounded issues already seen in low-income communities. “With the containment policy has come exacerbation of poverty and those structural disadvantages,” trauma surgeon Dr. Jessica Beard said. “That connection is likely the cause for the uptick.”  [full article]

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