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NAT’L – GUN CONTROL – McDonald’s, Nike, Barnes & Noble among companies handed ‘F-rating’ for gun safety grade

Shoppers this holiday season may have to reconsider the safety of some of their favorite retailers and restaurants in light of the steps they take to protect their customers from gun violence. A coalition of 22 gun-reform advocacy groups dubbed “Guns Down America” on Wednesday released a scorecard they hope will give “consumers the opportunity to shop their values this holiday season.” It grades popular shops and fast food spots in three categories based on calls for gun reform, in-store gun policy and whether they have donated money to the top 25 Congressional recipients of National Rifle Association funding. A B-rating or higher earns the company its Gun Safety Certified mark as part of the #BusinessMustAct campaign – aimed “at urging large retailers to keep their customers and employees safe this holiday season by prohibiting firearms in stores” and “ending political donations to NRA-backed lawmakers.” Out of the 29 companies analyzed, only three – Kroger, Old Navy and Walmart – earned top marks. Shops like Starbucks, Cotsco and Amazon were handed a letter grade of B for their efforts while Waffle House nabbed the only C score. McDonald’s, 7-11, Nike, Barnes & Noble and Applebee’s meanwhile were among the 16 companies at the bottom of a list with an F-rating. Chick-fil-A, Dunkin and Hot Topic also earned some of the lowest scores. According to the report, 25 of the 29 retailers studied also experienced at least one incident of gun violence in the last year.  [full article]

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