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Nat’l – Gun Control – Parkland student calls for confiscation of all semi-auto guns — then she gets hit with fact check

THE BLAZE.COM  April 22, 2018 – It didn’t take long for famed-student Emma Gonzalez, from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, to use Sunday’s massacre at a Tennessee Waffle House to blast the National Rifle Association and guns while advocating for more gun control. But her statement didn’t hold up to facts — and she was called out for it. “He was white and he used an AR-15. The @NRA is about to say this man had mental health issues, so that the rest of us will get scared of anyone with poor mental health and buy a gun in preemptive defense so that gun sales increase.”

Update: Nashville Police: Waffle House Suspect Had Guns Confiscated After White House Intrusion [full article]




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