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NAT’L – GUN CRIME – Are You Preparing For Threats Or Indulging In Murder Fantasies? (VIDEO)

Some people realistically prepare for threats they may face, and some people indulge themselves in violent fantasies, often instances where they could kill or shoot a person and not face legal consequences. Start reading the comments in a few gun groups or around news reports, and you’ll see it in action. You’ll notice someone say something like “well if someone does X” or any number of iterations thereof. Some people engage in the former, but a lot of people also engage in the latter. Preparation is acknowledging risk and taking steps to reduce it or how to realistically counteract it. Murder fantasies are idle boasts, daydreams, talk, and so on of instances where you can kill someone and not face a prison sentence. Let’s put it this way: A person who installs a strike plate, anti-break film to their windows, and invests in a halfway decent security system is preparing themselves against the possibility of home invasions. A person who continues to buy guns and ammunition and tells themselves it’s to be prepared for something is really only preparing to max out their credit card. A couple of relatively recent and high-profile court cases illustrate people who brought their murder fantasies to life…and unsuccessfully tried to frame them as self-defense. First is the Bryon David Smith case. Byron David Smith, of Little Falls, Minn., was at a neighbor’s house on Thanksgiving day, 2012, when observed two teenagers – 17-year-old Nicholas Brady and his cousin, 18-year-old Haile Kifer – casing his house. Smith had suffered a few burglaries and suspected that Kifer and Brady were the culprits upon seeing them. Smith went to his home, turned off the lights, and concealed himself in his basement but left the door to the basement open, and armed himself with a Ruger Mini-14 and a .22 pistol. [full article]

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