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NAT’L – GUN CRIME – FBI’s 2018 Crime Report: Handguns, Knives, and Blunt Objects Killed More People Than Rifles

The FBI released their Uniform Crime Report for 2018 and it shows that of the known types of firearms that were used in homicides, handguns were used to kill more people than any kind of rifles. People using knives and blunt objects also killed more people than rifles. In 2018, of the known types of firearms that were used in homicides, 6,603 people were killed with handguns. Rifles only accounted for 297 murders, with shotguns killing 235. Knives or other cutting instruments were used to kill 1,515 people. Blunt objects, such as clubs and hammers, were used to kill 443 people. Hands, fists, and feet killed 672 people. It is important to note of the 2,963 people who were killed with guns, it was not known what type of firearm that was used. “Once again, the FBI’s data on violent crime seriously undercuts common gun control narratives,” Amy Swearer, Heritage Foundation’s senior legal policy analyst, told Townhall. “Despite the never-ending assertion that we are in the midst of a gun violence crisis, the number of gun-related homicides fell in 2018, and the gun-related homicide rate remains roughly 50 percent of what it was at its peak in the early 1990s. Rifles of any kind – ‘assault weapon’ or otherwise – were definitively used in only 2.8 percent of gun homicides last year.”  [full article]

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