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NAT’L  – GUN CRIME – One Good Thing From the Pandemic: Mass Shootings in U.S. Plunge

Forcing people in the U.S. to shelter at home during the coronavirus outbreak may have resulted in less death from Covid-19 infections but also fewer victims of mass shootings. The number of mass shootings in the U.S. plunged 24% in April from a year earlier as churches, malls, restaurants, schools and parks were shuttered and most businesses closed, according to a Bloomberg News analysis of data from an organization that tracks information about firearm-related violence. The decline occurred despite a spike in gun sales that month. The number of mass shooting incidents, killings and firearm injuries all dropped as states and cities took aggressive measures to contain the virus. There were 25 mass shootings in April this year, with 22 dead and 89 wounded. In the same month last year, there were 33 shootings, 25 deaths and 130 injuries. The number of deaths in April was the lowest for the month since 2015, according to Gun Violence Archive, which began keeping track of such incidents in 2013. The organization defines mass shootings as incidents where four or more people are shot during a single event, not including the shooter. “It took a pandemic and it took people being completely disrupted and forced to sit home all day and not go outside – and be terrified of going outside – to see a drop in mass shootings,” said Kyleanne Hunter, vice president of programs for the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence and a former Marine who served as a helicopter pilot in Afghanistan and Iraq. “I can think all of us can agree that this is no way we want to continue to live our lives.’’ The decline in April was a sharp reversal from March when the shutdowns were just starting to take effect nationwide. The number of shootings, deaths and injuries all increased that month, when compared to a year earlier – with the number of people killed more than doubling and the number of injuries rising more than 26%.  [full article]

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