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NAT’L – GUN NEWS – The Walther PPK, the classic spy gun that changed the game

In 1930, a new pistol went on sale that would revolutionize the firearms world. Best known to the public these days as the “James Bond gun”, the Walther PPK was arguably the first successful handgun made for concealed carry, and its now-classic design helped to introduce a number of technical features that quickly migrated throughout the industry as it became the most copied gun in the world. In 1958, in the pages of the newly published novel Dr. No, Ian Fleming’s fictional secret agent James Bond was called into the office of the head of MI6, who warned 007 that he had to get rid of his .25 Beretta 418 pistol or quit the Double-O section. Major Geoffrey Boothroyd, better known to cinema audiences as “Q”, then provides Bond with a replacement. “Walther PPK, 7.65 millimeters, with a delivery like a brick through a plate-glass window,” said Boothroyd in the film version. “The American CIA swears by them.” Ever since then, the Walther PPK has been inextricably linked to Bond, but Ian Fleming’s choice wasn’t a random one. In 1956, the real Geoffrey Boothroyd, a Glasgow firearms expert, wrote to Fleming, saying that, though he enjoyed the Bond novels, he didn’t think the Beretta suited 007.  [full article]


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