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NAT’L – GUN NEWS – Why the Beretta APX is a Great Choice for Self-Defense

Originally made with law enforcement and the military in mind, the Beretta APX is still a good choice for civilian carriers. First designed in 2016, it refers to the “Advanced Pistol X,” with the X meaning the caliber pick of choice, ranging from 9mm to .40 S&W. If you want to know just why this pistol is called “advanced,” let me lay out the features of it for you. You can expect accuracy from a pistol designed for law enforcement and military standards, and the APX is no exception. At about fifteen yards away I was able to get two-inch groupings with both calibers; which is very good for the cartridge sizes. The sights are three white dots that are well made, fitting on the barrel. The barrel itself is built with polygonal rifling, which provides a better gas seal, making the gun shoot with better accuracy. You can tell from the get-go that the APX is built to last. The chassis is made from stainless steel, not plastic, for one, and for two it features easy disassembly. You can field strip this gun quickly as long as you follow the manual which lays out everything you need to know about taking it apart. I’ve fired over a thousand rounds with the APX and I’ve yet to have it malfunction, but I’ve kept it properly clean. Even then, the easy disassembly makes it a walk in the park to do so. This is up there with the best in reliability, comparing in terms of quality to the Heckler & Koch VP9. You even get the option of the “Striker Deactivation Button” on the back of the pistol, which allows you to avoid pulling the trigger to disassemble your firearm. This is good practice and prevents accidental misfires, instrumental in gun safety.  [full article]

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