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NAT’L – GUN POLITICS – Mike Bloomberg’s vendetta against Trump continues, but does anybody care?

Mike Bloomberg, the 9th richest person in America and 14th richest person in the world, is on a crusade to use the Democrat Party to rid America of Donald Trump. The problem is that the Democrat Party doesn’t seem to care much for him. Before becoming New York mayor, Bloomberg was a Democrat. Then he ran for mayor after the hugely successful Rudy Giuliani, a Republican, decided to step down. To appeal to the same demographic that was grateful for Giuliani’s managerial skills, Bloomberg launched his mayoral bid as a Republican. Six years later, he announced that he was an Independent. Now, he’s a Democrat again. When it comes to Bloomberg, it’s not about principles, it’s about pandering. Despite his temporary hiatus as both a Republican and an Independent, Bloomberg is, in fact, a hardcore Leftist. Since leaving the mayor’s office, his most important crusade has been to fight the Second Amendment. Most recently, his “Everytown for Gun Safety” PAC got involved in the 2019 Virginia elections. Everytown’s $2.5 million investment in Virginia, compared to the NRA’s $300,000 investment, paid off. Virginia went completely Blue and instantly embarked on a gun grabbing campaign that made even California look like a slacker state. The result, interestingly, has been to see an extraordinary level of pro-Second Amendment activism in Virginia, as ordinary Americans realized that a Leftist New Yorker had successfully bought and perverted their rights.  [full article]

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