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NAT’L – GUN POLITICS – Of Course Kamala Harris Supports Gun Confiscation

There’s already a concerted gaslighting effort underway to convince voters that Kamala Harris, the Democratic Party’s vice-presidential nominee, would never support something as crazy as the confiscation of millions of firearms. Take this USA Today factcheck headlined “Kamala Harris didn’t say she’d send police to take firearms via executive order.” You may notice the highly narrow specificity of this debunking. It’s a little game political media like to play — the Associated Press miraculously ran almost an identical piece on the same day — in which reporters take a hyperbolic backbencher’s comments or a misleading social-media post — in this case, a Facebook post that is “gaining traction” — and use it as a strawman to deceive voters about one of the controversial positions of their favored politician. While USA Today is correct that Harris has never explicitly maintained that she would sign an executive order to “send police” to break down your door, she is the first person to be on a major presidential ticket in American history who openly supports gun confiscation. Whether she promised to implement those plans through legislation or via executive order is also, at best, opaque, despite factcheckers’ efforts to claim otherwise. For one thing, USA Today insinuates that Harris, answering a question at an AFSCME forum in Las Vegas, denied she supported gun confiscation. I’m sorry, but her answer to the Washington Examiner’s Kerry Picket — “I’m actually prepared to take executive action to put in place rules that improve this situation” — isn’t by any standard a denial. In responding to the question, Harris not only failed to deny that she supported the confiscation of semi-automatic rifles, she also didn’t deny that she supported unilaterally creating a national database of gun owners. Somehow, though, USA Today and the Associated Press missed the numerous occasions on which Harris promoted her gun confiscation position. The latter, in fact, claimed that Harris merely backed a “renewal of the assault weapons ban,” which is factually inaccurate. The assault-weapons ban of 1994 only applied to weapons manufactured after the date of the law’s enactment. Harris supports retroactively making guns illegal — and then taking them through a mandatory buyback program.  [full article]

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