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NAT’L – GUN POLITICS – Rep. Boebert And Rep. Biggs Vow To Stand Up Against Democrat Overreach, Defend Second Amendment At CPAC

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) took a strong stance on gun rights at this year’s CPAC event. During her panel Saturday, the freshman representative said the left needs to stop their attacks on the Second Amendment and criticized the implementation of metal detectors at the Capitol building.

She also stated the moves made by the left are all about wanting to control everyone’s lives. During her remarks, Boebert highlighted all of the rights that Democrats try to take control of, including free speech. “Republicans are called the ‘party of no,’ but we’re saying no to all of their ‘no’s,’” Boebert noted. “They don’t want you to be able to protect yourself. They don’t want you to have freedom of speech. They don’t want you to have freedom of religion. In Colorado, they don’t want us to have our public lands. They are the party of no. We are saying a big ‘hell no,’ to all of their no’s.’”

Arizona Rep. Andy Biggs (R) also sat in on that panel to discuss the left’s attacks on the Second Amendment. He talked about Democrats’ broad and sweeping definitions of “suspected terrorists,” which Biggs’ said they tried to present in new legislation as a way to take weapons away from law-abiding citizens.  [full article]

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