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Meet The Remington 783: One of The Best Hunting Rifles You Can Afford

For years, people assumed that to get a high-quality rifle, a large price-tag was inevitable. In recent years, gun companies have proven that this isn’t necessarily the case. The Remington Model 783 Bolt-Action Rifle is one of the many low-cost rifles competing for the throne of being the best low price hunting rifle on the market. Let’s break down the specifics. It doesn’t really matter how good the price of a rifle is if it can’t shoot straight. Fortunately, the Model 783 can shoot accurately—remarkably accurately. Despite the barrel showing all sorts of tooling marks, the rifle consistently hit three-shot groups at 100 yards within an inch. For a hunting rifle, that’s impressive accuracy. Once properly sighted, the Model 783 had no problems hitting targets as far as 300 yards away. The key to accuracy in rifles is stiffness—eliminate bending, warping, or twisting of the weapon as it fires and the bullet will fly straight. The Model 783’s minimum head space from the barrel nut system as well as the magnum profile barrel both contribute to making the 783 a stiff weapon that shoots accurately at distance for a fraction of the cost of other weapons. I encountered no mechanical issues when testing the Model 783. Made entirely in the USA, the Remington 783 boasted a clean finish (especially for a low-price rifle). One version of the rifle comes with a nylon-fiber reinforced synthetic stock, while another (more pricey) version comes with a walnut stock. The walnut stock is sturdier, but the synthetic stock performed as needed. The push-action bolt turned stiffly, but I expect that the bolt will loosen some with use. All-in-all, the 783 demonstrated great reliability throughout my testing and I saw no reported issues by any other testers or reviewers.  [full article]

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