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NAT’L – GUN REVIEW – Rock River R9 Competition BT-9G

Colt kicked off the 9 mm Luger-chambered AR-15/M16 market when it introduced the Colt SMG in 1982. The SMG made use of a straight blowback action that fired from a closed bolt rather than the M16’s direct-impingement, gas-operated, rotating-bolt system. Three years later, Colt introduced a 16″-barreled semi-automatic model for civilians. By then Olympic Arms had already beaten them to the punch, and the civilian 9 mm AR market was on its way. ARs chambered for pistol cartridges remained on the fringe of the AR scene, as a cheap-to-shoot alternative to a rifle chambering, until a recent surge in interest in pistol-caliber carbines (PCCs). PCCs have gained so much popularity that they have made their way into the competitive shooting world. Starting in 2016, many shooting leagues began to introduce PCC classes, which quickly became dominated by AR-platform rifles chambered in pistol cartridges, many of which also feed from handgun magazines. An example of this type of rifle is the recently introduced Rock River Arms R9 Competition BT-9G, a PCC ready for competition straight from the box. The use of pistol magazines is a recent innovation among pistol-caliber ARs, as early Colt PCCs used an Uzi-derived “stick” magazine. Today, the most popular trend is for manufacturers to make their lower receivers compatible with the ubiquitous Glock pattern of handgun magazines. Besides allowing for the use of a common and inexpensive magazine that is compatible with a popular handgun, it also allows the firearm to have a more streamlined front receiver profile.  [full article]

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