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NAT’L – GUN RIGHTS – As Firearms Industry Flees Tightening Gun Laws, States Like Idaho Open Their Arms

The Northeast has long been home to firearm titans, but recently the region has lost out to the South and Mountain West as more and more gun businesses follow financial and cultural incentives to relocate. And for those firearms producers still in states with gun control measures on the table, there’s increased temptation to take their business elsewhere. One week a year, Las Vegas becomes the center of the gun world. That’s when the National Shooting Sports Foundation’s SHOT Show comes to town, bringing with it roughly 60,000 buyers, sellers and even foreign government officials. And it’s here that the tension between shifting legislation and economic impact is on full display. For the last 22 years, Las Vegas and SHOT Show have seemed a perfect pairing. But then in 2018, the relationship was tested: Nevada’s legislature put forward a suite of gun control measures. Nevada’s considering a ban on so-called assault weapons. If it passes, SHOT Show has threatened to leave, taking the tens of millions of dollars it injects into the Las Vegas economy with it. NSSF spokesman Mark Oliva said an assault weapons ban could stop 95% of showgoers from displaying their wares. It’s a fight that may play out next year when the legislature meets again. “I think an ‘assault weapons ban’ would be absolutely devastating to the SHOT Show,” Oliva said. [full article]

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