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NAT’L – GUN RIGHTS – Fishing for Trouble

I’m about to make a significant number of my fellow firearms enthusiasts upset. But to mitigate the effect, at least somewhat, let me say what I believe. I believe the only reason to strip someone of their right to own a firearm is a felony conviction involving violence. There is a huge difference between someone who is 18 and writes a bad check for $500 and someone who is 18 and sticks a gun in a shopkeeper’s face. I believe there should be a mechanism to restore firearms rights that would be fully funded by Congress (the current statute permits restoration by the ATF, but a Democrat-controlled and Republican-compliant Congress has refused to fund it). I believe that every state should be a constitutional carry state, and that concealed carry should be a right, not a privilege. That is not the way it is, however. Yet some states that restrict concealed carry unnecessarily, allow open carry. I can understand, in those states, why a person might choose to open carry. But, if you have a concealed carry permit, carrying openly just is not smart. It may be your right, but it’s not wise to exercise it. You have the right to kick a hornet’s nest. But it’s not smart. I’m not arguing your right to do it. I think you should have the right to do it. I’m appealing to your sense of personal responsibility. The gun-control alarmists and their sycophant media have created a culture of fear around anyone who carries a weapon. Would anyone have believed ten years ago that a coffee shop would refuse to allow a police officer, on duty, to carry their firearm into their place of business? It has happened, and with the “defund the police” nonsense, it will happen more often as retailers eager for the “woke” dollar virtue signal. I would argue that no one who is not actively breaking the law, or has a warrant out for their arrest, has anything to fear from the police. And even those who are actively breaking the law or have a warrant have nothing to fear if they submit to arrest without resistance. But the media have certainly given us all a bucket-load of false narratives (“hands up, don’t shoot”) to convince the person not paying attention that everyone with a gun is a wild-eyed beast out for the glory of the kill. As responsible gun owners we have an obligation – I would even say a duty – to our fellow gun owners to defeat that narrative. But we cannot do that when people who should know better assert their rights solely for click/likes on social media.  [full article]

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