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NAT’L – GUN RIGHTS – INTO AMERICA: Black America’s Call To Arms (AUDIO TRANSCRIPT 30:00 min.)

INTRO: Archival Recording: (BACKGROUND VOICES) So why y’all can’t tell us the truth about what happened to Breonna Taylor? ‘Cause the truth is, you see, y’all tried to sing, and they ignored you. Y’all tried to chant, and they ignored you. But when it got to the world stage, people with guns heard about it. And then we came knocking. And guess what? They didn’t lie to us at all.

Trymaine Lee: Late last month, a group of Black protesters lined the steps of the Kentucky State Capitol building. They were dressed in all black paramilitary gear, black boots, black masks, heavy vests. They held semi-automatic rifles and shotguns. And they stood still in formation. (BACKGROUND VOICES) Barely moving except to chant, throw a Black Power fist into the air or rest their hands on their weapons. (BACKGROUND VOICES) The scores of protesters were part of the NFAC, the Not F***ing Around Coalition, except they don’t abbreviate the F. They’re a militia, Second Amendment advocates organized to help Black people defend themselves. And they were there to demand justice for Breonna Taylor.  [full article]

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