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NAT’L – GUN RIGHTS – NAAGA wants to break the stereotype of how people view African American gun owners (VIDEO)

 As America again debates gun control, one gun group is seeing a surge of support, and their aim isn’t just to secure their Second Amendment right. Travis Campbell, gun club president: “As a group, we need to do good things in the community. This is a good group of people.” The South Florida chapter of the National African American Gun Association, also known as NAAGA, begin in a classroom. They learn everything from first aid to Florida gun laws. Travis Campbell: “We’re here to change the image of the black gun owner.” Across America, there are now 30,000 members in 75 chapters. It’s a rapidly growing group that was started only four years ago, and most members joined not just because they like the sport of shooting, but because they see this as a safe space. Danielle Campbell, gun owner: “It is inside and outside our community. We are seen as radicals. We don’t get afforded the same protections that gun owners in other ethnic groups are afforded.” Campbell created the local chapter in 2017. “I just want black people to realize that they have a right to self defense.” Campbell said. Just 24% of black Americans legally own a registered gun. That’s compared to 36% of white Americans.  [full article]

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