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NAT’L – GUN RIGHTS – Reimagining of Policing Policies Reflected in Explosive Gun Sales

Gun sales typically become elevated with every presidential election cycle, but for this one, they’re off the charts. Although the campaigns of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton may have ranked high in the annals of greatest-ever firearms markets, the upcoming Biden-Trump contest beats them all with a record 5 million sold so far.

Sales had previously surged by a whopping 3 million purchases amid Obama administration threats of new restrictions on firearms ownership in the wake of the Sandy Hook School shootings. The Brookings Institute reported that this year’s buying rush, however, was driven even more by desires for personal safety than by limitations on access.

No doubt about it, lots of people are afraid of rampant “reimagined” police defunding policy-endorsed lawlessness in major Democrat-controlled cities. Unsurprisingly, many are increasingly distrustful that they can count on those same politically-beleaguered and betrayed law enforcement professionals to protect them. Yes, and there are sound reasons for concern that a Democrat win will also cost them access to means for self-defense — just as they have repeatedly promised.  [full article]


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