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NAT’L – GUN RIGHTS – Restricting Guns Won’t Solve Gun Violence

Banning firearms and taking guns and ammunition off store shelves may have great virtue-signaling value, but they aren’t serious solutions to gun violence. Even if American gun restrictions rivaled those of European countries, the U.S. would still lead the industrial world in gun-related homicides. Why? Because Americans are generally more inclined to commit murder. According to an American Journal of Medicine report, Americans commit murder without firearms at rates much higher than many other developed nations: 5.7 times the rate of Britons, 3.5 times the rate of Germans and 4.25 times the rate of the French and Italians. Of the 22 “high income” countries included in the study, only one country had more non-firearm homicides per capita than the United States — Czechoslovakia. Contrary to the claims of the gun control lobby, the correlation between the number of firearms and gun homicides is weak and possibly negative. Since 1993, the number of firearms in the United States has more than doubled, rising from 192 million to 393 million. On a per-capita basis, they’ve increased from 0.74 to 1.29. Yet by 2017, firearm-related homicides in the United States had declined by 53 percent.  [full article]

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