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NAT’L – GUN RIGHTS – The Problem With Militias and the Constitution

The U.S. has for decades been locked in a reckoning over the breadth of the language in the Second Amendment protecting the right to keep and bear arms. But in recent months, national attention has instead shifted to the lesser-considered subject of its first clause: “A well regulated Militia.” Armed self-described militia members have shown up with growing frequency this summer to racial justice protests held in the wake of the deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor at the hands of police. Their appearance, usually carrying rifles and dressed in military-style gear, has ratcheted up the tension at demonstrations and the risk of confrontation. Militia groups have also attended gun rights rallies and demonstrations protesting coronavirus lockdown measures in several states this year. Most recently, miltia members openly marched among the crowd of armed demonstrators that swarmed the Michigan capitol Thursday during a pro-gun rally.  [full article]

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