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NAT’L – GUN SAFETY – After School Shootings, a Push for Openness Over Barricades

Repeated school shootings have yet to force action on gun control in Washington, but safety advocates are trying to build support for another strategy to keep children safe: smart school design.

Two bills pending in Congress would provide school districts with more information about safe school design, as well as money to pay for design services. As districts focus more intently on safety, some architects are pushing back against a rush to load up schools with security equipment by promoting community over technology. “The security industry is growing quickly, and they’re taking advantage of the fears of administrators and parents, selling them things that they’re promising will keep kids safe,” said Jenine Kotob, an architectural designer with Hord Coplan Macht in Alexandria, Va. who became committed to safe school design after a close friend died in the mass shooting at Virginia Tech in 2007.  [full article]

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