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NAT’L – GUN SAFETY – Handgun Break-In: Is It Needed?

At the gun shop the other day, while shopping for a new concealed-carry pistol, I asked about the reliability of the pistol I was interested in after looking at several in the showcase. I was shocked at the answer I got, to the point of rethinking my decision of buying a new gun. The person behind the counter told me I had to shoot at least 500 rounds through the pistol before it was worn-in and reliable enough for concealed carry. To prove his point, he opened the owner’s manual and showed me, in writing, that 500 rounds was what the manufacturer recommended. To emphasize his position, he told me every new pistol sold today had a conditioning period and that 500 rounds wasn’t unreasonable, although some pistols took more than others. When I considered the cost of the ammunition just to break in the gun of my interest, I realized that what I thought was a good deal was going to cost me more than I had planned. Don’t firearm manufacturers test their guns to verify they work before sending them to dealers? Shouldn’t I expect a gun to work right out of the gun shop just as I would a new car off the showroom floor? I was surprised and disappointed, to say the least.  [full article]

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