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NAT’L – GUN SAFETY – How To Remove Rust From Guns

The enemy of gun owners, one that must constantly be fought and held at bay, is rust. No matter how modern the firearm is or what kind of high-tech coating it has on it, parts of it are made of steel and are therefore susceptible to corrosion. If the location is humid enough, just the moisture in the air is enough to cause surface oxidation and rust spots on any gun. Do what you can to prevent it by keeping your guns clean, well oiled, and in a safe with some kind of dehumidifier in it. But if the forces of rust do invade, you can still beat them back. When steel begins to oxidize, the iron in the steel bonds with the oxygen in the air on a molecular level to become iron oxide, or, rust. This will first show up as surface rust, patches of orange and brown that will bloom in clusters on barrels, triggers, hammers. Any part of a gun that you touch, even if it hasn’t been fired, must be wiped down before the firearm is put away for a significant period of time. Of course, if a gun has been in the field and/or in wet weather, it has to be wiped down as soon as possible, and that includes running a couple patches through the bore. If you don’t, you will be stunned at how quickly the rust blooms if you put a wet, dampened gun back in its case. If a gun has been anywhere near saltwater, increase your urgency factor by five or 10. You can tell when someone doesn’t wipe their handgun down, because there will be spots of rust in the grooves of the hammer, on the trigger, all over the front strap and back strap, and the back of the slide.  [full article]

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