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Nat’l – Gun Safety – Keeping Your Kids Safe: How to Tackle Gun Safety

YOUR TURN | By Tom Ginevra – July 24, 2018 – Safety is one of the main considerations when you have guns around the house. It’s even more important if you also happen to have kids in the home too! A gun will always be attractive to the enquiring minds of children, so you need to be certain they can’t get their hands on your weapons, or indeed your ammunition. What can you do to ensure that your guns are safe and secure, yet readily available for when you need them?

There are many simple things you can do to make sure that you have safety first when it comes to your firearms, and most of them are common sense. After all, you may have guns for hunting or for protection, or even for other sport, but you know very well that any gun in the wrong hands is a dangerous thing. Let’s talk a little more about some essential gun safety tips.

Safety on the Move

Before we talk about what to do with your guns at home, let’s consider what happens to them when you are on the move. You will need to transport your gun or guns with you from place to place, after all, and simply keeping them loose in the car is not good enough. They will be susceptible to thieves looking for an opportunist break, and what if you get out for a moment and leave the kids in the car with guns accessible?

The best thing to do is fit a car gun safe; these come in a range of varieties and are surprisingly affordable. They can be securely fitted to many parts of the vehicle and can be locked so you – and only you – have access, and in many states there is a legal requirement for you to secure your guns when on the move. Check them out now and make sure all your vehicles – those that you might use to carry guns – are fitted with car gun safes, so that you and your kids are safe at all times.

Secure in the Home

If you keep guns in your home there are a number of steps you can take to make sure they are safe and secure. If you have kids, you need to be especially careful, yet you still want your weapons to be readily accessible. It is a simple fact that you need a gun safe but which type is best? The market for safes offers a comprehensive choice, and you may be a little bewildered at which is best!

Remember we are talking about keeping your guns safe from the kids, so just about any good safe will do the job. Look for one with a good thick casing, and for added security from thieves find one with unexposed hinges, and also you need to consider the type of locking system.

There are three main types of locks on modern gun safes: the traditional key, the combination, and the biometric locking system. You will find that some safes operate using two of the above in conjunction, others just one. Which is the best?

Many people prefer to stick with the tried and tested key lock. However, children of a certain age – should they stumble across the keys – may find it relatively easy to open this type of safe. A combination lock is much more secure, and the number sequence can be kept secret from all bar those who need to get at the guns. However, by far the most effective is the biometric lock.

Biometric locks use a fingerprint to open the locking system. They can usually be programmed to accept more than one fingerprint, so all those who need access to the guns – and only them – can get into the safe. This also makes it a quick entry system in case you should need your guns in a hurry.

Choosing a Place

One other method of making sure your kids can’t get access to the guns is to put your safe in a place they are not aware of. This could be in the basement, or in a room into which they are not permitted – perhaps a study or office. It’s a great way of adding to the security measures you have already put in place.

Check out gun safes now and see how affordable it can be to make sure you have everything safe and secure, and make sure that there is no way your kids can accidentally get their hands on your guns.

For more information, please go to: https://www. gunsafeguru.com

Tom Ginevra is the Owner & Chief Editor over at GunSafeGuru, an Illinois based gun safety magazine.

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