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NAT’L – GUN SAFETY – TAKING AIM: Clean my guns!?

Let’s see now – I’ve painted the toolbox, the garage, the house, the driveway and the neighbor’s cat. I’ve helped shampoo the rugs, the chairs, the couch, the dog and the neighbor’s cat.

I’ve read Tolstoy’s complete works, my own lengthy autobiography and every pamphlet that comes in the mail. I’ve learned three new languages and written one. But coronavirus is still hanging around and I’m still cloistered with just the wife out in the country. We’re relatively compatible, but I’ve recently hidden all the knives. Now what? I could clean my guns. Perish the thought. That takes time and concentration. Oh well, the Ruger revolver hasn’t been cleaned in two years. Of course, it hasn’t been fired in two years! Ok, that’ll just make it easier to clean.

It’s easy anyway. Just slip out the cylinder pin, get the cobwebs out of the cleaning kit and wet down a patch with bore cleaner. Follow that with a dry one followed by a very light touch of good gun oil, reassemble and you’re done. The carry gun, a .380 Walthers semiautomatic pistol, is a bit more challenging. Take out the magazine, rack out the round on standby, and remove the slide. This is accomplished by holding the grip with both feet; pulling the slide back until you or it screams, “uncle,” then carefully setting it aside. A handful of Q-Tips and a pint of bore cleaner later and the complicated mess is somewhat clean. Now all that’s needed is to reassemble everything properly. That should take up the best part of the coronavirus shut in.  [full article]

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