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NAT’L – GUN SAFETY – The misuse of guns is the heart of the issue

Colt, Winchester, Smith and Wesson, Remington and others are all old established manufacturers of reliable, best quality and revered firearms that have served our republic and individual citizens for centuries. The products these companies produce are of the highest quality and durability. Their dependability has led them to be continually sought after by generations for their recreational and defensive uses. Law enforcement and military agencies worldwide continue to rely on these well-made arms. Due to the reliability, durability, ease of operation and maintenance they are suitable for competitive and defensive uses. Manufacturers have developed civilian models of military arms that are technically lawful for civilian possession. Most of these versions are totally unsuitable for military use and are not interchangeable with military models but do mirror the arms former and current military members were trained on. The rigors and abuse of arms in the military and law enforcement attest to their durability and popularity in their normal use and repeated requests for updated models from a known quality manufacturer come regularly.  [full article]

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