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NAT’L – GUN SAFETY – Why I Invested in a ‘Smart Gun’ Company

During the heart of TOMS’ End Gun Violence campaign in 2018, I received an email from a 21-year entrepreneur named Kai Kloepfer. Kai described his vision for Biofire?—?an early-stage startup incorporating biometric sensors into handguns. Unlike traditional handguns, which anyone can fire, “smart guns” eliminate the possibility of children or unwanted intruders operating an owner’s gun. Did Biofire immediately strike me as a compelling investment opportunity? NOT exactly…I’ve always had an aversion to guns: They strike me as dangerous and unnecessary. If a person wants to own a Thomas Jefferson-era musket, all the more power to them. In general, though, I’m puzzled as to why everyday citizens need Rambo-style assault rifles?—?or why otherwise reasonable people are offended by common-sense regulations such as Universal Background Checks. As an angel investor, I pride myself on having a Beginner’s Mind. My goal is approaching every deal from a place of curiosity?—?and not letting pre-conceived notions, assumptions about a founder, or positive/negative social proof affect my yet-to-be-formed opinion. One of the wonderful side effects of this mindset is that?—?when you least expect it?—?an idea/opportunity completely surprises you.  [full article]

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