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NAT’L – HOME DEFENSE – Amazon Selling Nightstand That Doubles Up As Weapon For Home Self-Defense

If you’ve ever been back to someone’s house and noticed they have a baseball bat next to their bed, it can look a little bit rough. I mean, it’s all good having someone who is going to protect you from intruders, but it’s a little bit… well, intense, isn’t it? Doesn’t help much if it’s a cricket bat, either. Naturally, someone out there has thought of a product that resolves the key issue of keeping your home safe while not looking like the sort of person who’s pretty psyched to swing a bat in someone else’s direction. Simply head to Amazon and you too can sleep soundly knowing you’ve got the protection you need, and it looks sleek AF – 2019, eh? What a very, very weird time to be alive.  [full article]

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