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NAT’L – HOME DEFENSE – The 7 Commandments Of The Home-Defense Shotgun

Just because your name isn’t “Shotgun Eddie” and you didn’t ride a stagecoach to San Antone in your formative years doesn’t mean you can’t defend your home adequately with little more than a loaded shotgun and the will to use it. Of course, advanced training is always best, but if you haven’t the time for it, at least practice the following Seven Cardinal Rules, and you’ll be fairly well prepared to rid your home of evildoers. Even the best semi-automatic shotguns on the market need a couple hundred rounds fired through them to reach their reliability potential. Mass manufacturing, even as good as it is these days, leaves rough edges between moving parts that will naturally hone themselves during the friction of normal fire. So, don’t go into a gun battle with a “green” gun. Keep Your Shotgun Clean And Lubed. One time I entered a three-gun tournament and stupidly pulled my new Remington Versa-Max Tactical out of the box the night before the match. It was, of course, pristinely clean, but what I failed to notice was that the gun was as dry as a homecoming ball in the Bible Belt. During the first stage, I discovered I was essentially shooting a single shot—that is until some kind competitor loaned me a can of Rem Oil. The shotgun hasn’t jammed since.  [full article]

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