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NAT’L – HOME DEFENSE – The Best Calibers For Different Home Defense Firearms

When it comes to choosing a home defense firearm, there are a lot of effective options. One of the most popular self-defense firearms for the home is the shotgun. They come in a range of sizes and many models offer easy accessorizing.People who live in apartments often opt for a handgun as their primary home defense gun, often the same gun they use for concealed carry for an efficient combo. Still, others prefer a rifle, usually a carbine or a pistol caliber carbine as a home defense weapon. It’s up to the individual gun owner, but once they decide on the platform, they then have to decide on a caliber. Here are some things to consider, whether you use a handgun, carbine, or shotgun for home defense, and recommendations for the best calibers for each. SHOTGUNS: The most popular defensive load for a shotgun is a 12 gauge loaded with 00 buckshot to #4 buckshot, usually in a 2.75″ shell. In home defense scenarios, there’s no need for 3-inch magnum shells, which just add recoil and would be overpowered, and slugs will almost certainly over-penetrate at close range. The best choice for a 12-gauge shotgun is a load designed for personal defense, like Federal’s new Force X2 shells. Each round holds nine copper-plated 00 FX2 buckshot pellets that are specially engineered to split into two equal-size pieces on impact, creating up to 18 separate wound channels. That improves the transfer of energy from the payload to the target, and minimizes over-penetration. After all, drywall isn’t great at stopping most projectiles. The X2 is also loaded for less recoil for easier follow-up shots on target and better accuracy in a self-defense situation. In a semi-automatic shotgun, that’s a devastating amount of firepower, especially important because shot placement can be difficult in high stress situations. Of course, a 20-gauge shotgun is also a viable home defense gun that is a bit more manageable for smaller-framed people, which is important to consider if you have family members who may need to defend themselves with this shotgun. Some would argue that a 12 gauge, even though it has always been the standard for law enforcement, is overkill for home defense. What’s certainly true is that a 20 gauge offers plenty of stopping power against bad guys. There are also plenty of personal defense ammo options in 20 gauge on the market. HANDGUNS: If you choose a handgun for home defense, be sure to practice with it a lot. A handgun requires more training and more skill for adept shooting, especially when under pressure. However, you can’t beat them for ease of use for personal protection in close quarters, like a house or apartment.  [full article]

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