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NAT’L – HOME DEFENSE – This mom banned her in-laws from babysitting because of gun safety

There is so much that goes into parenting—but at the end of the day, everything we do is to keep our kids healthy and safe. That nightly battle over eating vegetables? The fights over wearing coats outside or staying buckled into car seats while the vehicle is, you know, moving? Yep, it’s all about raising healthy kids. We put so much work into making and enforcing our parenting decisions that criticism of them can feel deeply personal. It can be hard to keep your mama bear instincts from kicking in when someone questions your parenting choices, especially when that person is someone you want your children to spend time with. One mom found herself questioning whether or not her reaction to a situation with her in-laws was warranted. She took to a Reddit forum to ask if she was in the right for banning her in-laws from babysitting her children over gun safety and now the post is going viral. “My in-laws (80M and 70F) have a gun for protection,” she began her post. “They do not keep it locked up in a safe. They will not tell us where it is except that it’s in their bedroom, but my husband is fairly sure it’s under their mattress. “My father in law assured me that he doesn’t keep it loaded, but will not show us where they keep it. All I have is his word.” She then described her in-laws as “healthy and mentally sound.” While she allowed them to babysit her kids when they were younger, she’s uncomfortable letting the kids go over alone now that they’re more active and curious. “We taught my son what to do if he comes across a gun, but he’s still a kid. And so, we only visit if either me or my husband can go too to make sure the bedroom door is locked,” she explained. The problem arose when her mother-in-law recently discovered that the poster’s parents regularly babysit the kids at their house. “My parents are younger and do not own guns. My FIL asked me why I don’t let them watch the kids and I told them because of the gun that they refuse to keep locked up.” That angered her father-in-law, who told her it would be “impossible” for their son to find their gun.  [full article]

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