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NAT’L – HOME DEFENSE – Why a Revolver is Still Worth Considering for Home Defense

Right now, manufacturers are selling guns as fast as they can make them, with many running their machines 24/7. While it may appear as if they are vanishing into thin air once they leave the factory, some lucky customers are actually finding what they want. Evidence indicates millions of these gun buyers are first-time owners. Buying a first gun can be an intimidating venture. Fortunately, the internet offers a seemingly unlimited amount of information from reliable sources. Despite this, many are intimidated by semi-automatic handguns, although they are much, much less complicated than driving a car or using a smartphone. Whatever the reason, for these people, a quality revolver is a fantastic option. Despite this gun type’s limitations in ammo capacity, many offer the advantage of firing high-energy cartridges like .357 Magnum. Plus, just watching and feeling their mechanical simplicity as the hammer cocks and the cylinder rotates can be mesmerizing. Revolvers are effective tools for self-defense. My primary use for “wheel guns” these days is teaching new shooters how to shoot well. A revolver’s heavy, double-action trigger (“double action” means that the gun is cocked and the hammer is released by one pull of the trigger) mandates proper trigger control, and it’s conducive for giving instruction. I am able to stand to the side and watch the hammer slowly and steadily move to the rear as the trigger is pressed. If it is not slow and steady all the way to the point where the hammer drops forward, the new shooter and I will work to make it a reality on the next round in the cylinder. Great trigger control learned on a double-action revolver carries over to every gun in a person’s collection.  [full article]

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