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(Nat’l – Hunting) Dove Hunting- A Family Affair

Think back to your very first dove hunt. No matter how many years ago, chances are you remember—the time, place, gun and who you were with. For many of us, dove hunting was the start into the world of hunting and wildlife, forging lifelong friendships, passions and memories. For me, it was about 1966. The memory is clear even after 50 years. Dad and Mom had bought a small piece of land in what was a very rural part of Denton County at the end of a bumpy, seldom used, gravel road. We would go there every weekend to clear brush, plant trees, explore and experience nature. For my brother and me, our primary interest was target shooting after the work was done. Up until that time, we had never really hunted. Our interest in wildlife was limited to horny toads, box turtles, bullfrogs, snakes and anything else we could find. Dad had an old shotgun that he bought in 1946 after he returned from the war. It was a Stevens Model 94 single shot. He bought it second hand for $5. It was a 12 gauge with full choke. As young boys, my brother and I were fascinated by the shotgun, frequently admired it and hoped one day to be able to shoot it. [full article]

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