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NAT’L – HUNTING -Fall turkey hunting remains a time-honored tradition

It’s fall turkey season. Now to some, or maybe a lot of you, that is not a big deal. Most of us are wrapped up in other pursuits, mainly deer-related. Bow season is in full swing here in my neck of the woods, and the big show, rifle buck season, is right around the corner. Some states are in the middle of that season right now. There is no denying the whitetail deer gets most of the attention in the hunting world today, and that is OK. But I am a fall turkey hunter and I thought we might talk a little about that today. For those not familiar with it, fall turkey season has a much older tradition than the spring season. Back in the day, meaning before the 1960s for most states, the spring season did not exist. In much of the southeast, turkeys were hunted in the fall. There were many more fall hunters than today. Some hunted fall turkeys exclusively, while some people hunted them in connection with small game like squirrels. Now just to be clear, none of this is knocking spring turkey hunting in any way. I spring hunt most days of the season and love it, but fall hunting is just different. Tom Kelly, considered by many as the dean of all turkey hunting authors, once said he liked fall turkey hunting because it was “lively.” I would agree. When you are in the middle of flushing a large flock, turkeys running, flying and lots of alarm putts sounding, it can be very lively. That flushing thing is the essence of the difference in fall hunting compared to spring. The goal in fall hunting is usually to find the turkeys (this can be quite a task in big country sometimes) and get the flock broken up, separated, as scattered as you can get them. Now comes the second phase of the fall hunt.  [full article]

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