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NAT’L – HUNTING – Hunting Tips for a Complete Novice

Hunters have always appreciated the game they take and its ability to help feed their families, but in modern times most of us hunters really don’t need to hunt for food. In times of crisis, though, that might change. When survival hunting becomes a vital way to feed one’s family, everything changes. With the current COVID-19 Coronavirus crisis in full swing, businesses are closing — including restaurants. Could supermarkets be next? I certainly hope not, but when that becomes a very real possibility, folks who never thought of hunting before might be ready to start learning about it. So, let’s get started. This will only be a rough outline, because there’s really no way to condense everything you need into one post… but we will do our best and will continue to post helpful information. Before you head afield to hunt, you need to know some stuff. Hunter’s Ed was developed for exactly that reason, and most or all states require new hunters to pass a hunter’s ed course. Although many of these programs include face-to-face meetings, there are online options available. Hunter-ed.com has a list of states, offering courses you can take right at home. Some states currently require new hunters to participate in a “field day” activity where they may do things like learn in a classroom, fire guns on a range, and learn about blood trailing, tree stand safety, and survival skills. Whether these face-to-face meetings will continue to be held or required is anyone’s guess, but taking an online course is a great place to start your hunting education. [full article]

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