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NAT’L – HUNTING – Late winter is time to start hunting shed antlers

This next week will be a great time to get outside, enjoy some nicer weather and hunt for shed antlers. Some whitetail deer, mule deer and elk have already dropped their antlers and others will be dropping their antlers soon. As temperatures rise and the snow melts, it will be easier to find shed antlers. It’s a good idea to scout areas and see if bucks are starting to drop their antlers. This past week, I have seen bucks with and without antlers. It’s always fun to take a ride in the country to scout or take a hike in areas where you have permission to look for sheds or find some public ground like state recreation areas or wildlife management areas to search for shed antlers. To find sheds, check the places where deer congregate to feed. I like to comb the outside edges of alfalfa, corn and other fields where deer feed. Finding where deer enter and exit feeding areas may hold sheds. Scouring fence lines and deer crossings are a good place to begin your search. The impact of hitting the ground when a deer jumps a fence is sometimes enough to make an antler fall off. Walking a deer trail where deer scratch themselves, lean over to eat, sniff the ground or even get annoyed by the loosening antler and rub them off with trees or bushes on the trail may lead you to some success in finding sheds. River bottoms can also produce sheds. Always gain permission before going on private property.  [full article]

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