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NAT’L – HUNTING – Late Winter Rules for Coaxing Coyotes

The first time I saw a coyote was on a family vacation sometime in the early 1980’s while traveling through the Black Hills of South Dakota. To me, coyotes represented the wild west – a place where animals roamed free with little regard for the hustle and bustle of the humans they only occasionally encountered. I never imagined that one day coyotes would be common, live in close proximity to humans, and be considered a nuisance from coast to coast. I killed my first coyote sometime during the late 1980’s while chipping away at a limit of quail on a sunny November afternoon. I watched in amazement as my venerable Labrador dove into a dense patch of grass with a violent growl. To my utter amazement, a large coyote scrambled out the opposite side of the cover and turned to face my dog. I instinctively shouldered my shotgun and, before my dog got in the way, flattened the coyote with a single shot to the head with a heavy load of 7.5 shot.  [full article]


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