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NAT’L – HUNTING – Much goes into making a perfect shot in coyote hunting

The coyote listened well enough to the call projected by Daniel McCory and Steven Wynn, quelling its natural reluctance to approach within 300 yards in the night. The hunters were downwind in the field, hoping to earn the animal’s trust to draw it nearer and then betray it. But something spooked the coyote, and it began to angle away from them. It was not a perfect situation, but both men aimed their rifles and fired. The coyote dropped. Another pelt for the fur chest, another animal that in their minds would no longer prey upon and diminish the doe population of southern Indiana. The shots in the dark, aided by night vision, were remarkable. The partners both scored near-perfect shots in the shoulder. “He was starting to move,” Wynn said. “We thought we’d better take the chance.” When they reached the coyote, lying dead on the ground, and examined it, the men were dumbfounded.  [full article]

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