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NAT’L – HUNTING – Thoughts on kids and hunting

What a blessing it was to have been reared and introduced to hunting by a dad who did it right. He started me at the bottom, tagging along behind him and watching how he did it. Squirrel hunting was how it began. As a little tyke, I’d sit on a log beside him and watched how he located and downed squirrels. Later, he felt I had gained enough experience that he let me pack along a little single shot .22 as we sat together. I made some mistakes for sure, miscues like squirming when I should have been still, whispering too loud, stepping on dry leaves or a stick that popped as the squirrel we were watching skedaddled. Eventually I was able to master to a degree the art of hunting squirrels and later was introduced to hunting ducks down in the swamp. It was only after I had gained some confidence in hunting small game that hunting deer and turkeys became my passion and success I have had I attribute to the fact that my dad started me off the right way, at the bottom.  [full article]

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