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NAT’L – INDUSTRY INSIDER – What’s really causing the slump in US gun sales?

With gun sales falling for the second consecutive year, some have proclaimed the US firearms market to be in a permanent state of decline. Barack Obama was once deemed to be the best gun salesman in the US. Under his presidency, firearms purchases reached record highs as Americans became increasingly concerned that he would push through legislation restricting gun ownership. Such legislation never came to fruition, but it certainly was mooted – enough to cause a surge in sales, anyway. Under President Donald Trump, the industry has a very different complexion. Last year, gun sales fell by 6.1 percent – the second straight year of decline. While it would be easy to interpret this as a sign of an industry in crisis, in reality, it is likely to be little more than an overdue market correction. The political climate in the US has always had a huge bearing on the firearms market, but that doesn’t mean firearms suppliers have reacted with complacency to the recent downturn. Attempts to broaden the customer base have largely proven effective, particularly regarding female buyers. In fact, in spite of lower sales figures, the firearms industry has demonstrated remarkable resilience over the past few years: it remains a $28bn industry, and it doesn’t look to be going anywhere just yet.  [full article]

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