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NAT’L – LE – Consider weapons, equipment, tactics when training for off-duty, plainsclothes carry

About 10 years ago, I began teaching a class called Off-Duty & Concealed Carry Tactics for Law Enforcement, then followed that with a class designed specifically for instructors. The classes evolved because some law enforcement agencies haven’t provided training for officers assigned to plainclothes positions or offered off-duty training for officers while encouraging them to carry off-duty. In a recent PoliceOne poll, over 78% of police officers who responded always or usually carry when they’re off-duty. This same poll found that nearly 75% reported their agencies do not provide off-duty or plainclothes training.  While I am always disappointed by the number of officers who tell me they have never trained using everyday clothing and concealed carry equipment, this lack of training isn’t unusual. In more than 25 years as a law enforcement officer, I never received department-sponsored training for off-duty or plainclothes carry. During firearms training, officers generally use traditional duty gear, which results in plainclothes officers missing out on significant training opportunities. Many departments also encourage officers to carry off-duty without providing training on the use of smaller, more compact handguns and other equipment commonly used when not in uniform. As law enforcement officers, most of our training is with full-size duty guns. For consistency and ease of training, it’s generally a good idea to select a concealed carry handgun using the same operating system as your duty gun. Smaller handguns are easier to conceal and more comfortable to carry, but they are more difficult to shoot well. The smaller grip area may not leave enough room for a full, secure grip. The result is more muzzle rise during recoil and slower follow-up shots. To compound this problem, the shorter sight radius on small handguns leaves more room for error. This brings us right back to training issues.  [full article]

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