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NAT’L –LE – Don’t let your firearms skills atrophy

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, basically all police training has been suspended. It is unclear when training schedules will resume. In the meantime, some of our hard skills, much like a muscle, will atrophy unless used. With all the family time everyone is “enjoying,” officers are getting plenty of practice in conflict resolution, but much of the hands-on use of force and firearms training is falling by the wayside. These essential skills are too often ignored until their proficiency is crucial. By then it may be too late. Follow these tips to ensure you maintain your firearms skills. We should take responsibility for our own training. Submit training requests regularly. Seek outside instruction. Maintain your own training records. Never be the one who falls through the cracks. You owe it to your family to be as prepared as possible. Unfortunately, training and instruction have been extremely limited under these unusual circumstances; therefore, it is incumbent upon you to maintain and improve your own skills through practice. Between long work hours and the closure of many ranges, doing live-fire drills may not be an option, yet firearms skills are among the first skills to atrophy. Many officers take their duty weapons for granted until the time comes when they are critical for their survival. Let’s use this social distancing time to reacquaint ourselves with our firearms and do some dry-fire practice. It has been shown time and again that just a few minutes of dry-fire practice a couple of times a week vastly improves weapon handling, confidence and shot placement. Practice proper weapon handling at all times and ALWAYS adhere to the basic rules of firearms safety. Ensure the firearms are unloaded and any source of live ammunition is inaccessible during dry-fire practices. Even with verified dry weapons, avoid pointing them in an unsafe direction. [full article]

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