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NAT’L – LE – Predicting Law Enforcement’s Future

Without a doubt, I can probably say that law enforcement is on the threshold for some of the most unsettled times in many decades. One thing we can always embrace in law enforcement is that change is constant. These next few months, if not years, will probably reset law enforcement for the next generations to come. There are a lot of things to consider and a lot of things we must face, if we are to endure. When I was a director of training, we performed yearly training needs assessment to plan out the next year’s training curriculum for our department. I have often said, you cannot solve today’s problems with yesterday’s thinking; we had to plan for our future needs. We would perform an analysis with the executive staff of what their future goals were. We would inquire with internal affairs about complaints investigations and how training could correct responses and behavior towards increased efficiency and professionalism. We would review upcoming trends and equipment changes that faced the officers. We also sought out self-improvement for the officers and staff to help them face more than the profession. We would reach out to the community policing unit as it was back then to gather the public’s needs of their police as well. Today’s current national narratives have taken a lot of these questionnaires out of the trainer’s hands and placed their demands on our doorsteps. One of the biggest questions for departmental executives is how much training can you afford? Budgets here recently have been ‘do more with less’ from your political body. In today’s current climate, political budget masters must face the reality that training really matters and it is extremely necessary. Unfortunately, across the United States most law enforcement organizations only work towards the minimum standards that are required by state to keep your certification. [full article]

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