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NAT’L – LE – Take a moment this holiday season to say thanks to a law enforcement officer

During this time of giving thanks and celebrating goodwill toward others and the spirit of giving take a moment and think about the men and women behind the badges of law enforcement.

Spare a prayer for them. Maybe say thank-you every once in a while. Show them a little goodwill if you happen to see a law enforcement officer while you are out and about in the community.

A goodwill gesture doesn’t have to be rushing up to an officer and trying to hug said officer. Doing that might trigger a less than enthusiastic response. We kid about the hugging thing. But, seriously; smile and wave, or say a kind hello. These simple acts would be appreciated by the people who put themselves in danger almost daily and routinely stand between you and harm. You never know how much a simple, respectful greeting might be appreciated by our badge-wearing brothers and sisters. Being appreciative to the people in law enforcement might go a long way in these days when forces are at work around the country trying to “transform” police departments. This work generally includes handcuffing officers with rules that restrict how they operate or can respond when threatened. Some local governments are embracing the idea of defunding police departments, reducing budgets to a level that makes it very difficult for officers to effectively do their jobs.  [full article]

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