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NAT’L – MIITARY – The US Army Is Using Virtual Reality To Enhance Training, And Saving Taxpayer Dollars (VIDEO)

The U.S. Army is one of the most heavily funded and technologically-advanced branches of the military. It is also one of the best trained — it would have to be to stay ahead of international competition. One of the most exciting aspects of this is the paradigm shift in training that has taken place over the last 20 years. Gone are the days of expensive and, frankly, dangerous training operations where new soldiers and old soldiers spend millions in taxpayer money lobbing rounds down-range. So how do you maintain your position as a prominent military force in the world without conducting vast amounts of live-fire exercises? The answer to that is straightforward: virtual reality has taken the place of actual live-fire exercises. It allows soldiers to be trained in a computerized environment that can almost perfectly simulate actual battlefield conditions. This allows commanders, participants, and evaluators to practice, witness and critique a wide variety of exercises without ever having to touch a physical weapon. A report by Defense Blog states that the virtual reality systems are being used across all branches of the military; however, they are most prominent in the United States U.S. One such system that is currently in use by the New Jersey National Guard allows soldiers to train with a heavy weapon simulator that is comprised of multiple computer systems and a mock-up of a gun that is physically realistic and outfitted with a wide variety of sensors.  [full article]

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